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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Juan's Baptism

On May 2 Juan Alfedo Pando Castro was baptized by Alan. He is a man that we have been teaching for 8 weeks and is very excited to be a member of this church.

Sebastian baptism

On April 24 Sebastian Linan was baptized. He is 8 years old but needed to take the lessons because his family was inactive. He is a wonderful kid and pray that he will one day be a missionary. He was baptized by his Uncle Chrstian DaVila.

Native Peruvian Dog

As we have been knocking doors we have came across this dog several times. I had to get a picture of it. Everytime I see this dog it reminds me of the Hyanas in Lion King and I have to laugh when I see this dog. These dogs have no hair at all. What do you think?


On April 7 we went to some ruins called Pachucamac with some other Senior Missionaries and then we went to dinner at a restaurant that skymile magazine recomended but I can't remember what the name of it was.

My Granddaughter being a missionary

My granddaughter Hope had made lots of flower suckers so that we could give them to the children down here in Peru. What a great way to show her testimony of missionary work than to share her talents and time with others. Thanks Hope for your love and support.

Zone Conference

This is Alan and President Leyva eating foot long sandwiches after a Zone Conference.

Orange Bird

While we were waiting for a district meeting in Musa I saw this pretty orange bird flying around but everytime I went to take a picture it would fly away. I was sitting watching it fly around and finally it landed on this bush and stayed there long enough for me to take this picture.

Volley Ball with our Zone

Here we are after playing volley ball for 2 hours with the young missionaries. I must say we did a pretty good job of keeping up with them. Alan even had some great saves. I think the missionaries were surpised. The next day we could tell that we had done something that we normally don't do.

Friday, February 19, 2010

First District outing

On Febuary 3 we were called to be District leaders. We are over four missonaires. We had our first outing on Feruary 15 with 2 district and the zone Elders. We had our meetings and then they wanted to go to Chili's for lunch. Boy you should of seen the food they ordered. You would thing that they had not eaten for days. Here is a picture before the food came. I wish I had one with the food.

Market place in La Molina

Feb 6 2010. This was our first experience with the market in La Molina. Just makes you want to buy and eat the chicken doesn't. Although I have to say the fruit at the market was fantasic.

New way to water lawns

Feb. 1 2010 When Elder Noall and I was walking throught the park on the way to the store we saw something very unusual. It is a new technology in water your lawn. So there can never be an excuse to have your lawn die because you don't have the money for a sprinkler system. All you need to do is drink lots and lots of water and have a very sharp knife.

Doing what Alan does best

While we are trying to cooks Alan sneaks in to taste the food.

My first cooking lesson on how to cook Peruvian food

One Saturday January 30 we went to Libia's house for my first cooking experiance on how to cook some Peruvian food. I learned how they make Lasagna and Papa a la Huancaina. In return I taoght them how to make chocolate chip cookies. What a fun day.

What? Posing for a picture

January 23 2010. At our day at the zoo we had an unusual thing happen to while watching this huge Sea Lion swimming around. We were watching him when he came up to the window sat there and smiled at us for 20 seconds or so. He did that a couple of times. Imagine that a sea lion who love to have his picture taken.

Outing with the office Elders

January 23 2010. Elder and Sister Noall tagging along with the office Elders to the Zoo. Some of these Elder you would guess that they never have visited a zoo in thier life. It reminded me of a kid at a candy store for the first time standing in awe.

Meeting Mission President

We meet President Leyva on Monday January 11 2010 and later that night we went to dinner with his wife and son. What very special family they are and the spirit they radiate. Our assingment is to be over 4 wards in the area of the Peru Temple. We will be here for a year and possibly be sent up in the Mountains somewhere the last 6 months.

We Arrived

We arrived in Peru on January 11 at 2:00 A.m. We got to our hotel and got settled in for the night which was not very long. We were up at the crack of dawn to be to chruch at 8:00. We greeted the people and sat through sacrament meeting. Our next sacrament meeting begun at 10:00. As we were sitting there listening to the talks we were seeing double at the pulpit. We were very glad when we were able to get back to our room for a rest.

Leaving Loved ones

January 8 2010. As we get ready to enbark on our misson and the biggest adventure of our life we do so with a little sadness but at the same time with graditude to to doing the Lord work. As we leave our presious family behind we know that we do so with their blessings and love. Thank You.

Famous Picture

January 8 2010 Here we are in front of the famous picture of all the missionaries at the MCT.

I love how we have captured the light of the flash directly on the spot that we are serving. Peru!

Friends at the MCT

Elder and Sister Price Serving in Italy taking pictures of records to enter into Family History Program

Elder and Sister Bearnson Serving in Arizona on Indian Reservation as Health Missionaries

Elder and Sister Kelly Serving in Samoa as Health Missionaries

Elder and Siter Fairbanks Serving in Greece as Health Missionaries and also working with the Young Adults

One of our teachers Sister Grover
Elder and Sister Noall Serving in Peru as Proselyting Missionaries